The Casa Gorordo Museum will be opening its gates for the Sinug sa Casa Gorordo museum house tradition on Monday, January 21, 2019. The opening will be free for members of the media and the public.

January for most Cebuanos will not be complete without the 9-novena mass in the Basilica Minore De Sto. Niño. The loud beat of the drums, color for costumes and the tag line “Sinulog shagit ug kusog” is what comes to mind when we hear the word Sinulog. The Sinug in Casa Gorordo displays the less popular Sinug dance that has its own format and unique beat and steps not present in the Sinulog.

The dance depicts the arrival of the Christianity to the Philippines, the conflict between the natives and the Spaniards and their eventual peace through the Sto. Niño. Interestingly there is no “reyna” or queen to carry the Sto. Niño around during the dance but it is in an altar facing the dancers.

The Gorordos- original owners of Casa Gorordo with the other Parian families used to invite the Sinug dancers to pray for departed relatives and loved ones. After acquiring the house and turning it into a museum, the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. through its Culture and Heritage Unit continued the tradition as part of its commitment to conserve local heritage.

The Sinug sa Casa Gorordo is one of four traditions of the Gorordo family that are being preserved by RAFI, with it are Belen sa Casa Gorodo, Semana Santa and Pista ni San Juan. The program will be open to the public until January 21, 2019.

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