The Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc. (RAFI) will launch the new edition of the book Casa Gorordo in Cebu: Urban Residence in a Philippine Province 1860-1920 by Dr. Resil B. Mojares on 15 December 2017 at the Casa Gorordo Museum.

The book mainly talks about the house and Parian, the community it belongs to. It highlights the changes that Parian, the house, and its members have undergone in the context of the different cultural, social and political changes in Cebu throughout the turn of the 20th century. The book also examines the lives of the Gorordos, the residents of the house. It also delves into domestic and colonial architecture.

According to the Dr. Mojares, the book is divided into three main parts: the first part deals with the development of the Cebu urban area, focusing on the district of Parian; the second part on the residential patterns and domestic construction; and the last describes Casa Gorordo and presents a picture of the family in the house.

The first edition was published in 1983, a few months after Casa Gorordo Museum officially opened to the public as a museum. The author took on the project in 1979, conducting research over a six-month period.

In the latest preface by then President of RAFI, the late Mr. Roberto “Bobby” Aboitiz, said that the new edition in timely because of “the occasion of the 50 years of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation Inc., the upgrading of the Casa Gorordo Museum permanent exhibit, and the eve of my father’s (Eduardo J. Aboitiz) centennial”.

The book is also the first offering of the Research & Publications division of RAFI’s Culture & Heritage unit. About 5-7 new books are set to be released in 2018.

For more information on RAFI Culture & Heritage Research & Publications, please contact +62 32 411-1767, or visit www.facebook.com/casagorordo museum or www.casagorordomuseum.org.

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